Mohs Surgery

So, now the Mohs surgery begins (uh, no relation to the Three Stooges--these people are all professionals!). I can feel and hear things as he goes about cutting and trimming, but I feel no pain. I like that. It doesn't take long at all. Too bad I can't watch--I think I'd watch my own open-heart surgery if I had the chance. So now it's finished, and I get a temporary bandage on and go wait while they evaluate the layer they've taken.

(Now imagine you are listening to the song "Dance of the Hours." Not for 45 minutes but for close to three hours. Now I'm really glad I brought a long book to finish reading [the US seems to be winning the war in the Pacific against Japan]. At least they have coffee and blueberry muffins. It's Standing Room Only in the waiting room until they bring out a couple of extra chairs.)

Ah, back in the chair again. They take a picture of the ear to show the progress after the first layer is taken. It seems they got it all in the first cut. Notice that it doesn't look like he's gone behind the ear much--yet.

Ear After The First Layer Is Taken

Now a couple more sticks of anesthetic to numb everything up again and we're good to go on taking that final layer. And yes, friend, they take a good bit more out of the edge. There's also a bit more red in this photo; they had a little more clean-up to do. I suspect they didn't think this would end up on a web page.

Ear After The Final Layer Is Taken

After this photo they cleaned me up, sutured (sewed!) a "pressure bandage" to my ear, and turned me loose for a week. At a funeral the next day someone thought I was wearing an earring. Some earring! A bandage the size of my lower earlobe! Sorry, people, but Da Stargzer Don' Do Earrings!

And now, on to Part 3 . . .