The Era Of Reconstruction -- Part 1

Ah, now comes the fun part! Reconstruction (Plastic Surgery)!

The doctor tried to describe what a Pedicle Flap was, but I couldn't comprehend it until he showed me some pictures of the procedure as done on other patients. Then it made perfect sense! Start by cutting a flap of skin behind the ear, leaving part attached to the skin and suturing (sewing!) the the other end to the front side of the earlobe. I think I now have a vague resemblence to a Star Trek alien. Note that there now is a "canal" or "channel" behind the earlobe made by the flap and the earlobe, covering an area that used to have skin over it. It runs from the top of the flap down to the bottom of the earlobe. This canal and the sutures will need to be cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide and then covered with petroleum jelly using another swab. They told me that the current thinking in wound care is that the wound heals better if kept moist, hence the petroleum jelly. Cover it all with a gauze pad and tape and you are good to go out in public without scaring too many little children or adults.

First Stage of Pedicle Flap Reconstruction

You will notice that the sideburns from the beard are still intact in this photo. The tape didn't stick too well to the whiskers or to skin that sweated too much that afternoon, so I had to change the bandage early. It still did not stick to well to the whiskers the next day, so I ended up shaving them to have some place for the tape to anchor. For the sake of symmetry I shaved the other side too, turning my full beard into a goatee. Some think I look younger, some more distinguished. I guess I'll keep it that way for a while, but that daily maintenance (shaving) does cut into my sleep time before rising for work. Oh, well.

Now let's continue on to Part 4 . . .